NEW SOLIDWORKS 2017 Training Guide: Sketching, Modeling, Assemblies & Drawing - Available NOW

Number of Lessons: 38
Suitable For: All Levels
ISBN #:978-1-988766-11-9


The Newly Upgraded  SOLIDWORKS 2017 3 Book Training Guide Set*: Sketching & Intro to Modeling, Modeling and Assemblies & Drawing includes step by step tutorials and videos.

*This combo comes 3-hole punched with covers suitable for putting in your own binder. NOTE: Binder not included 

Sketching & Intro to Modeling
ISBN# 978-1-927359-98-3

This Books includes:

8 Lessons on how to use SOLIDWORKS to create fully defined sketches including:

            • Wide variety of sketching tools
            • Adding Geometric relations
            • Smart Dimensioning
            • Adding equations to sketches

5 Introductory lessons using basic features to create part models including:

  • Extruded Boss/Base commands
  • Extruded Cut commands
  • Using the Hole Wizard
  • Fillet & Chamfer commands

ISBN# 978-1-927359-99-0

This Books includes:

18 lessons on how to use basic to intermediate SOLIDWORKS tools & techniques to create part models including:

  • Revolved Boss/Base & Revolved Cut commands
  • Swept Boss/Base & Swept Cut commands
  • Lofted Boss/Base & Lofted Cut commands
  • Wide variety of features such as Rib, Wrap, Dome, Shell and Mirror commands
  • The use of Reference Geometry & Curves

Assemblies & Drawing
ISBN# 978-1-927359-15-0

This Books includes:

2 Assembly lessons demonstrating basic to intermediate tools & techniques to create assemblies including:

  • Inserting pre-existing components to assembly
  • Mates & Advanced Mates
  • Utilizing the correct relations for mating components
  • Using the toolbox feature

5 Drawing lessons illustrating techniques to create part and assembly drawings including:

  • Drawings with different view layouts such as Standard , Model and Projected views
  • Dimensioned drawings
  • Assembly drawing including a Bill of Materials


48 Exercise Drawings between all training guides.

  1. Videos that demonstrate the process for completing each lessons in the book
  2. Over 1400 pages of step-by-step instruction guiding the student through each lesson
  3. Review exercises at the end of each lesson
  4. An appendix covering common tips and techniques for using SOLIDWORKS

NOTE: SOLIDWORKS Software is NOT provided with this product. 

Suitable for:
High School, Vocational Education, College and University