Discrimintor G-Code Editor and Simulator

CNC Simuation Software for testing G-Code. Enables students to check their code visually to see where the errors are. Saves time and money.
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The caminstructor CNC Programming Workbooks include online access for students to download and install Discriminator Software onto their home computers. The agreement we have with Discriminator is that this “Demo (or student) Software” is free and can be used by students only and at home not at school.

  1. Why do we use Discriminator?
    It’s free for students.
    It works for both Mill and Lathe NC Simulation.
    It doesn’t require a lot of computer horsepower.
  2. Why can’t the school install Discriminator on their computers?
    Installing Discriminator on school computers is not part of our agreement with Discriminator.
  3. How can I get Discriminator for my school?
    The link to purchase Discriminator is:  https://www.cncedit.com/Orders/Order_Form.aspx
  4. How much is Discriminator Software?
    The price varies depending on the number of seats, the link above has a sliding scale based on the number of seats purchased.
  5. Can I use any other CNC Simulation Software?
    Yes you can, however it may not have the instructions on how to use the Software in the CNC Programming Workbooks. We only have instructions for using Discriminator and Cimco Edit Software included in the Workbooks.