camInstructor keeps your students engaged while helping them be more productive, learn faster, and retain more.

At camlnstructor, we offer training for Mastercam, CNC Programming, and SOLIDWORKS. Our suite of training materials provides instructors and schools with all the resources they need to ensure their students are more engaged and can learn at a rapid pace.

Teach Mastercam to students with books or online courses

  • Books

    Wide variety of educational Mastercam training books available.
    Choose your version of Mastercam, CNC Machining and SOLIDWORKS.
    Videos demonstrating each lesson are included. 
    Comes with Mastercam HLE Software or Simulation Software.
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  • Online

    As low as $75.00 per student.
    Pick the content you want students to have from 17 modules.
    Students can print off course material for future use.
    Track student progress.
    Automated Testing.  
    Saves students money.

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camInstructor’s Mastercam, SOLIDWORKS and CNC Training products give you and your students all the resources required to make learning easy and efficient, thereby allowing students to progress at their own pace. Our suite of CNC programming and Mastercam training products for students can make all the difference.

I've been using your lessons at NTMA for four years. The students praise your website for its reliability and content.
On behalf of all of my students, thank you for your hard work.

German Gomez - NTMA Training Centers

I think the camInstructor Online Training is fantastic. I have absolutely no issues with it and I believe the content is great. The students are learning Mastercam at a pace that even surprised me.

John Battista - CPS

I love your product and wanted to drop a line to thank you for your help and support. You are providing a "Turn Key" teaching method that is a vital tool to any instructor smart enough to take advantage of it. I Love it.

J Hillwig - Crawford County Vocational

camInstructor Classroom Solutions Provide a Comprehensive Mastercam, SOLIDWORKS and CNC Programming Curriculum

Easy to follow step by step instructions

This is the number one reason both instructors and students love camInstructor. 

I like the step by step approach. It makes it so much easier to work with. My students feel more at ease, relaxed and are able to do a lot within a very short period of time.

J. Assante, Instructor

Project based learning

Project based lessons help with motivation and ease of learning. Students are more engaged when they learn with real parts.

camInstructor utilizes good projects that can be made in the school shop.

K. Wils, Teacher

Mastercam Education Resources for Teachers and Instructors

Mastercam instructors and teachers rate this as one of the top 3 reasons they use camlnstructor. Lesson plans, tests, quizzes, and power point presentations are all included. Check out our overview.


One of the top 3 reasons teachers like using camInstructor are the Teacher Resources that are available.

2015/2016 Survey Results

  • 200+ hours of videos

    Over 200 hours of video instruction supported by step by step instructions.

  • Maximize student learning

    Utilize camInstructor’s optional monitoring feature to ensure students are getting the most out of the course content.

Evaluate Mastercam, SOLIDWORKS and
CNC Training Products for Free

Instructors of accredited North American schools can request a free desk copy or online access to the Mastercam educational version.


Frequently Asked Questions About camInstructor Training



  • Can I get a Deskcopy of a Text Book or a Trial of the Online content?

    Of course, just click this Deskcopy request form link.
  • Are there Instructor Aids and Mastercam Educational Resources for Teachers?

    Yes, camInstructor offers Teacher Kits for both Mastercam and CNC Programming. The Mastercam Teacher Kit includes Lesson Plans, Tests, Quizzes, Sample Parts and Power Point Presentations. You can also visit our Teach Mastercam resource page for Teachers who are tasked with teaching Mastercam.

    Or contact us directly at 877-873-6867 x 2 or email

  • Do the camInstructor training products come with Mastercam Software?

    Yes camInstructor provides Mastercam HLE Software for all of it's Mastercam Training Products. For the CNC Programming Training Products camInstructor provides G-Code Simulation Software offer. Check out our course site overview video to get more information.

Questions about our products?

Please contact us at 1-877-873-6867 x 2 or email