I have learned to program our CNC Milling Center in Mastercam and my employer is very impressed at what I can do, thanks for everything!

Jerry Harvey

By signing on with camInstructor I have learned how to program a 5 Axis CNC Machine.

Nick Barnett

These are the best products for training on Mastercam that I have seen in my years of training. They lead the students through well thought out examples.

Robert E Haag - Williams Advanced Materials

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What is camInstructor?

At camlnstructor, we provide unparalleled access to CNC programming courses and books that train you to operate and program CNC machinery utilizing the Mastercam software. Mastercam is a leading computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software program commonly used by computer numeric control (CNC) machinists and CNC programmers. Whether you're looking to begin a lucrative career in CNC programming or simply want to  strengthen your existing skills with Mastercam, we can help.

We also offer access to a real instructor you can reach out to for assistance with any questions you may have while working through your training. Browse our selection of CNC programming courses and books today, and find a Mastercam online course bundle suited to your needs.

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