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Discriminator -CNC Simulation Software

CNC Simuation Software for testing G-Code. Enables students to check their code visually to see where the errors are. Saves time and money.

Number of Lessons: 1


Discriminator is a CNC Editor and Simulator with many of the features you would expect from a CNC editor and additional features that set it apart from the rest.

Verifying and Editing CNC code can be a very fatiguing task.
This is why Discriminator allows the user to view the code in a variety of fonts and colors.
Other CNC editors may color the text but because Discriminator allows formatting with multiple fonts it has the advantage.

With Discriminator you can print with enhanced formatting to improve readability for the machinist.
This improved overall readability can reduce the number of defective parts produced.


  • Greatly improved performance when colorizing and backplotting.
  • Multi-level undo/redo.
  • Improved multi viewport viewer.
  • Bi-directional graphical selection. Gcode-to-graphics and graphics-to-gcode.
  • Customizable toolbars.
  • Code Explorer provides a customizable outline of the gcode file.
  • Graphical and textual compare.
  • Enhanced printing features.
  • Now includes a macro debugger for Fanuc style Macro-B code! NEW!