Mastercam Lathe Online Course

Number of Lessons: 8
Suitable For: All Levels


The Mastercam Lathe Online Course includes the following:

  • Includes Mastercam 2019, 2020 & 2021 versions
  • Free copy of Mastercam Home Learning Edition Software
  • 8 lessons on Mastercam Lathe
  • Includes the C Axis & Y Axis Training Lesson
  • Video lessons on Tips and Techniques
  • Printable Step by Step Instructions for each Lesson
  • Video Instructions for eachLesson
  • Ask Instructor feature
  • Get a Certificate option
  • 12 months of access

Special Educational pricing available for schools and qualified students.

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Content Overview for Mastercam Lathe Online Course

Lessons   Lathe Pages Videos Video Length
Lesson 1   CAD: Wireframe Basics, create Lines and Fillets
Toolpaths: Face, Rough, Finish, Cutoff
42 10 0:55:58
Lesson 2   CAD: Wireframe Basics, create Lines, Fillets and Chamfers
Toolpaths: Face, Rough, Finish, Drill, Cutoff
48 9 0:58:33
Lesson 3   CAD: Wireframe Basics, create Lines, Fillets and Chamfers
Toolpaths: Face, Quick Rough, Quick Finish, Drill, Tap, Cutoff
48 10 0:54:13
Lesson 4   CAD: Wireframe Basics, create Lines, Arcs, and Chamfers
Toolpaths: Face, Canned Rough, Canned Finish, Groove, Thread, Finish, Cutoff
52 12 1:19:13
Lesson 5   CAD: Wireframe Basics, create Lines, Fillets, Chamfers, and Trimming geometry
Toolpaths: Face, Rough, Finish, Drill, Cutoff
55 11 1:05:34
Lesson 6   CAD: Solid Basics, create Solid using Revolve, Modify Solid to suit engineering changes.
Toolpaths: Face, Quick Rough and Finish, Rough and Finish, Drill and Tap, Cutoff
58 11 1:06:55
Lesson 7   CAD: Wireframe Basics, create Lines, and Chamfers
Toolpaths:Face, Rough, Finish, Drill, C-Axis Contour,  Cutoff
52 11 0:55:36
Lesson 8   CAD: Open Existing Mastercam Solid File
Toolpaths: C-Axis Face Drill, C-Axis Face Contour, C-Axis Cross Contour, Stock Flip, C-Axis Drill, C-Axis Cross Drill, C-Axis Contour.
50 11 0:56:58
Tips and Techniques   Miscellaneous Mastercam Lathe Tips Videos     3:11:29
    Total 405 85 11:24:29