Preview of SOLIDWORKS 2023: Sketching & Intro to Modeling

SOLIDWORKS 2023: Sketching & Intro to Modeling

ISBN #:978-1-77851-025-0


Sketching & Intro to Modeling ISBN# 978-1-77851-025-0

This Books includes:8 Lessons on how to use SOLIDWORKS to create fully defined sketches including:

  • Wide variety of sketching tools
  • Adding Geometric relations
  • Smart Dimensioning
  • Adding equations to sketches


5 Introductory lessons using basic features to create part models including:

  • Extruded Boss/Base commands
  • Extruded Cut commands
  • Using the Hole Wizard Fillet & Chamfer commands

This book comes with:

  • A username and password to get you access to the content of the books online.
  • Access to online videos that demonstrate the process for completing each lessons in the book
  • The ability to review exercises at the end of each lesson
  • An appendix covering common tips and techniques for using SOLIDWORKS

NOTE: SOLIDWORKS Software is NOT provided with this product.

Suitable for: High School, Vocational Education, College and University